The coach hire trip that doubles as a hangover cure

A brand new coach travel service has been launched in Las Vegas which promises to help party-goers banish their hangover. After a 45-minute ride on the Hangover Heaven coach, the company claims that all the usual hangover symptoms affecting their passengers will be a long forgotten memory leaving them free to enjoy the rest of their day in Sin City.

The Hangover Heaven coach received its debut earlier this month. At present, the service is only available in Las Vegas, a city renowned for hedonistic lifestyle, meaning there will be no shortage of potential passengers looking for relief from a hangover from hell.

The specially adapted coaches and fully equipped with bunk beds, lounge areas, and a range of onboard entertainment features including iPads and plasmas so passengers will be guaranteed a comfortable and relaxing trip to help soothe their hangovers away.

However the real magic comes in the drop of an IV drip. As well as all the luxury features, each tour coach is staffed by qualified anaesthesiologist who will administer a combination of vitamins and medicines to each passenger through an intravenous drip which goes straight into the passenger's vein.

Two packages are available for those feeling partied out. The Redemption package costs '90 and pumps hydrating fluids through the patient to rid them of toxins. The second package, Salvation, is priced at $150 and administers a combination of vitamins, anti nausea drugs, anti inflammatory medicines and hydration fluids to combat all of worst symptoms of a killer hangover.

All of the Hangover Heaven coaches are fitted with GPS tracking devices so if you wake up in Las Vegas in desperate need of a ride on the Hangover Bus, just log onto the website so locate the closest vehicle to you. Hop onboard, and let the qualified medical experts do their thing while you're taken on a tour of the sites in Las Vegas.

The brains behind Hangover Heaven, certified anesthesiologist and Doctor, Jason Burke, says his aim is to help tourists visiting Las Vegas to decrease the length of their hangovers so they can get back to enjoying their holiday in Vegas.

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