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While you live in London because you love the energy and culture of the big city, there are also times when you would love to get away from all of the people and tall buildings and enjoy a day in the country.

Living in a large city like London though, you may not have your own car as you catch the train to work and walk to the pub and your favourite restaurants. Therefore, you need to hire a coach to take you and your partner on a romantic country drive.

Going for a romantic country drive in a coach means that you don? have to wait to start enjoying yourselves until you get to your destination, but you can sit back, relax and enjoy a glass or two of bubbly while you take in the changing scenery.

You and your partner will also have a chance to stretch out and discuss the scenery you are seeing or just catch up as neither of you has to worry about concentrating on the road or reading a map.

Not only will there be plenty of room to relax in your private coach, there will also be plenty of room to stow your books to pass the time, crossword puzzles to stay awake during the ride and plenty of room for all of your luggage.

Going for a romantic country drive in a coach also means that you don? arrive at your equally romantic destination tired and grumpy from a cramped car ride. Instead you arrive relaxed, happy and ready to enjoy everything your destination has to offer.

For more information about hiring a coach for a romantic weekend drive in the country with your partner, contact Coach Broker now.

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