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Minibus hire: Maximise your quote

Whether it a city tour or an airport transfer, minibus hire is a convenient travel option for smaller groups of people. Previously considered for the rich and elite, minibus hire is now a growing industry in the UK and customers can avail of competitive prices for their chauffeur-driven minibus hire. However, with the increase in minibus hire companies it becomes important to know the finer details when booking a chauffeur-driven minibus hire for maximum benefit.

Coach Broker are Britain largest coach and minibus hire service and have several years of experience in the minibus hire industry. We have compiled a few important points that when factored in, will help you get the most of your chauffeur-driven minibus hire quote.

1. Know as many details as possible. It is important to have all the details on hand so you can make sure you are getting your money worth. Make sure you are being picked up by your chauffeur-driven minibus hire from a location of your choice and being transported directly to your destination.

2. Open to suggestions. This is important for maximum benefit on your minibus hire quote. If you are open to suggestions from coach hire companies, you might be able to get a better deal for your money. For example, you might think booking two minibus hires for your group is the best idea. However, the coach hire company might be able to get you a better price for one bigger vehicle. Minibus hire prices are dependent on a variety of factors such as date, day, time, location, and duration of booking. If you are open to suggestions and flexible with your minibus hire booking, you might be able to get more value for money.

3. Ask for a photo. In order to avoid any complications, always ask for a photo of the vehicle before you book your chauffeur-driven minibus hire. Having a photo on hand means you can rest assured that the minibus hire you book is worth your money.

4. Understand vehicle hire types. When booking a chauffeur-driven minibus hire, it is important to clarify whether you are seeking a standard or executive model. While a standard minibus hire will have basic features like seatbelts, extra leg room and luggage space, executive minibus hire boasts luxury features like air conditioning, plasma screens, DVD/CD players, iPod docks, reclining seats, curtains, blacked out windows and more. It is important to know what type of minibus hire you are booking so you can personalise it according to your requirements.

At Coach Broker, we have one of the largest fleets of chauffeur-driven minibus hire in the country. We cater to all parts of the UK, so it doesn matter if you live in London, Bristol, Bath, Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Swansea, Glasgow or Edinburgh, our chauffeur-driven minibus hire will pick you up from a location of your choice and transport you to your destination in style.

Contact Coach Broker today and ask about our great deals on chauffeur-driven minibus hire.

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