How to keep coach hire costs down

Don't add unnecessary costs to your coach or minibus hire booking. With our expert advice we'll help guide you through the process, side-stepping some of the potential pitfalls which could end up adding considerably to your initial price. Here are out top tips for driving down the cost of chauffeur driven coach hire.

  • Try to avoid stop-offs. If you can arrange to have all of your passengers picked up and dropped off at the same point then you will avoid the cost of extra stop offs. A few minor de-tours won't add greatly to the price but it is important to keep these to a minimum. If everyone in your party wants dropping off at their house you could see the cost and length of your journey, spiral out of control. This doesn't apply to comfort breaks as these are expected by the company and won't add to the price.
  • Don't be late. Being late for your drive will mean adding time onto his working day which equates to an increase in the price of your coach. A few minutes either way won't hurt but when your coach is left waiting on the side of the road for over an hour, you will be looking at an increased rate.
  • Ask about discounts. If your booking is for a school or university you could be eligible for a student discount. Some companies offer a knock down rate for those looking to make a multiple coach booking. Also you could save money as part of a loyalty scheme if you are if you've booked with the company before.
  • Standard of coach. Although we'd all like to travel in a top of the range luxury coach complete with plasma screen and play stations but in reality, you could cut the cost of your coach booking by down grading. If you're only embarking upon a short journey then you won't feel the benefit of a top quality coach packed full of gadgets anyway so you're well advised to take a cheaper alternative.
  • Discuss your options. Most coach hire companies will be happy to tailor your coach hire to your needs. Work out your budget before hand and be upfront about how much you're willing to spend. Your coach hire company should be able to offer you advice on ways to cut costs and still get everything out of the service which you require.

Please visit this page for more coach hire and travel advice.

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