Graduation Planning: Coach Hire vs Limousine Hire

Planning a graduation party can be rather stressful, especially when your guests have their eyes on different travel preferences. Many university students often opt for a limousine for their big day, why not splash the cash on one of the most important days of your life? However, with the rise of modern travelling, more and more people are now choosing to arrive at their graduation party in a stylish coach. So, we at Coach Broker have put together a few reasons why you should hire one of our coaches and mark one of the most important days of your life in true style!

More passengers, better atmosphere

Of course, if you hire a coach you are able to invite more guests, or at least get them to your venue. Differently to a limousine, this will allow you and your guests to all be together while travelling to and from your party, which will set more of an atmospheric/celebratory tone for the night.


Realistically, a coach hire works out cheaper than hiring a limousine. This would work out beneficial for students that are planning on spending quite a bit of money celebrating throughout the night. Some will be on a budget, therefore travelling with friends for a lower price is a practical option.

Modern Travel

Differently to coaches that were hired out years ago, graduation coaches are quite a modern, snazzy option to go for. Equipped with a stylish interior and high tech surround sound systems, renting a coach would be a great start to your night of celebrations. There won’t be any worry with regards to drinks either, as most coaches come with their very own drinks cabinet now… another box that will most certainly be ticked amongst your university friends.

If coach hire does sound like the right choice for you and your friends, then why not take a look at our vast selection of vehicles? We at Coach Broker offer a wide range of coaches for various events and occasions, all of which are guaranteed to fulfil your travel needs. Contact us today for more details of the options at hand.

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