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Coach hire versus rail travel for theme park trips

As thousands plan their summer getaway, why not head to a theme park for yours? An all-time favourite, theme parks provide the perfect excuse for families and friends to come together for an adventurous short break. And with destinations like Thorpe Park and Alton Towers offering massive discounts for group bookings, planning an exciting weekend this summer that won? burn a hole in your pocket is now just a click away.

Thorpe Park in Surrey offers a saving of a whopping ñ00 for groups of six or more. For group bookings of more than ten, going to Thorpe Park can be even cheaper with savings of as much as ñ65! Staffordshire? Alton Towers, another favourite among those who like their roller coaster rides, offers a range to choose from including a 40% discount and savings of up to ñ45 for groups. Another Staffordshire attraction, Drayton Manor, offers 2 for 1 tickets and even has special savings for coach groups.

However, anyone who? been to a theme park before would know how difficult it can be to get to the destination, especially without a car. Choosing a mode of transport can often be confusing ?take the train or book a coach?

Most theme parks don? boast nearby train stations and it can often be a hassle navigating from the nearest train station. Buses ply regularly but can be an added inconvenience, especially if you?e travelling in large groups. And contrary to popular belief, hiring a coach is not that expensive, especially when split among a group (and with those massive discounts at the theme parks themselves, you?e only saving!).

hiring a coach guarantees that your group travels together, ensuring that the fun starts before you?e even reached the theme park! You can sit back, relax, have your AC on if you so wish, and enjoy the trip. Travelling doesnt have to be tedious and a coach takes out the stress, allowing you to make the most of the precious moments with your friends and family.

When looking to hire a coach it? important that you go to the best. Coach Broker, Britain? leading coach hire service, offers a range of coaches and minibuses for day trips and short breaks. Coach Broker has a fleet of executive vehicles available at an unbeatable price; moreover, being a nationwide service, Coach Broker can find a coach for you regardless of where you live or where you?e travelling to! Whether it? a trip to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park or Drayton Manor, and whether you?e travelling from London, Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, or Cornwall, Coach Broker is the one-stop shop for a luxurious journey to your adventure destination.

After all, you?e on holiday! You shouldnt have to worry about seats, baggage, and buses. Get on a coach and start your theme park adventure this summer.

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