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The difference between being a good chauffeur and an exceptional chauffeur has a lot to do with preparation. A chauffeur must be ready for any situation whether it is mechanical, weather related or passenger related.

Therefore, there are a lot of things a chauffeur must remember to do before they are ready to start their shift each day and pick up their next passengers. A chauffeur must make sure they have a full fuel tank before they leave to pick up their passengers, as they do not want to drive their passengers through a fuel station during their trip, or worse still, run out of fuel during a run. Therefore, a chauffeur should always take the opportunity to fill up their fuel tank before and in between passengers and drop offs.

A chauffeur must also be personally prepared so as not to give their passengers a bad impression of themselves during the trip. A chauffeur should be professional at all times and should almost not be noticed by the passengers. This means a chauffeur should make sure they have eaten, gone to the bathroom and had a smoke before they pick up their passengers.

A chauffeur should also make sure they leave enough time between their food, smoke and toilet break to make sure they have a chance to clean themselves up before they pick up their passengers again. This means making sure they don? have any food in their teeth, they don? smell like smoke and their shirt is properly tucked in and their tie is straight. There should also be enough time between a chauffeur? break and their passenger pick ups that they are not seen eating or smoking but are always seen as professional.

Chauffeurs should also fully research their destinations and routes and this doesn? just mean memorising which roads to take. It also means knowing the best drop off point and finding a place where there is shelter from the elements, clear ground to avoid mud and enough space to park close to the door so your passengers don? have to walk too far to their special event.

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