Coach and Minibus Safety for School Trips

Ensuring the safety of school children while on excursions is something we take very seriously here at Coach Broker. However it's important our passengers play their part as well so here are some top tips for safety while transporting children.

If you're supervising on a school trip, then there are guidelines for how many adults are required per child. For school trips involving children under the age of 8 years, it's recommended to have 1 adult for every 6 youngsters. For pupils aged 8-10 years, 1 adult per 10-15 children, and for youngsters aged 11 and above, it's recommended to have 1 adult for every 15-20 pupils.

While in transit, it's advisable for supervisors to spread out and sit in different areas around the coach or minibus to ensure all children are well behaved. If possible, there should be one supervisor sat close to each exit on the coach so as to aid the pupils in case of an emergency.

Keeping youngsters in hand while travelling on a coach is very important as boisterous behaviour may distract the driver and could, in a worse case scenario, lead to an accident.

Ensure the bus is kept clear of rubbish and other debris and that all bags are stored away in a suitable space to avoid accidents from tripping. All passengers should remain seated while the coach is moving as injuries could be sustained should the driver need to break suddenly.

Extra caution also needs to be paid while disembarking the coach. Passengers should not attempt to cross the road until the vehicle has pulled away as traffic travelling along the road could be concealed by the parked coach causing a major hazard for pedestrians.

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