Best games to play on coach hire journeys

If you've got a long coach journey on the horizon, here's a rundown of the best road trip games to keep you amused during the hours on the road. From the classic road trip games such as I Spy, through to the license plate game and Buzz, we'll provide you with a complete guide to some of the most popular games to play during coach and minibus hire journeys to help the time fly by without you even noticing.

The original, the classic game to play on long coach and minibus journeys is I Spy, popular with young and old passengers alike. Many an hour can be whiled away trying to guess the object, landmark or item chosen by a fellow passenger. The rules are simple, one person chooses the object and declares, 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with... and gives the first letter of the object' the first to guess what, gets to 'I Spy' next.

Buzz is a game where the rules are straightforward, which makes it all the more frustrating when you get it wrong! The aim of the game is to count to 100 by going around the passengers on your coach or minibus. However when a player gets to a number which is divisional by 7, e.g. 7, 21, 28 etc, he or she must say Buzz, instead of the number. Players must also say buzz in place of the numbers with a 7 in them e.g. 17.

There are many versions of the License Plate Game, however the basic versions calls for players to spot car registration plates starting with every letter of the alphabet starting from A in the correct order right through to Z ' the first to get there wins.

A game which relies heavily on the creativity of those travelling on your hired coach or minibus is the Group Storytelling Game. Maybe choose the passengers travelling in a vehicle next to you on the motorway or road, and make up a story about those passengers with each person in your group composing a sentence before passing it onto the next player. Hours of endless fun to be had, at the expense of other road users ' you'll just have to hope you don't bump into them at a service station.

Wherever you're heading on your travels this summer, we hope you stay amused and entertained during your coach hire trip with our list of favourite road trip games.

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