Beach Tour coach and minibus hire

There is no better way to spend the British summer than going on a beach tour with family and friends. There is definitely no need to get on a plane to enjoy yourself with England, Scotland, Ireland andWales offering some of the world’s most beautiful resorts.

As a nation we are showing a greater love for going on excursions within Britain, preferring the country’s seaside to those sandy beaches abroad.

At Coach Broker we are renowned for putting together bespoke packages for coach trips of this nature, showing a great passion for driving groups to the beautiful locations within this fantastic country.

From Devon to Norfolk we offer the travel arrangements for beach tours throughout every corner the country, leaving no pebble unturned!

British beaches are the perfect locations to relax, enjoy and take some invaluable pictures that we will treasure indefinitely.

Our Coach Hires offer the besttailor-made private tours for small or large groups, all set out to have fun.Whether you are looking for a minibus, a double-decker coach or a van, we can provide.

Contact us today to see what deals we canoffer you.

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