What to pack for a long coach journey

Anything over 5 hours on a bus seems a bit mental, although to keep your sanity try to pack as many entertainment options as possible. The key thing when it comes to long coach journeys is to have backup for your backup. This is just in case your laptop or Kindle dies and you have already read through every small print of every single magazine you brought with you. To make your packing process a little easier, we’ve put together the key things you should always remember to pack for a long bus journey.

Laptop or DVD player

Since there aren’t monitors on coaches like there are on airplanes, stream your laptop with films and television programmes so there’s access to hours of entertainment. You may be thinking ‘that’s what Netflix is for’, but coach WIFI reliability isn’t always great so try to download before hand if you can, just to be safe.

Travel Games

A pack of cards or travel chess can come in really helpful whilst trying to pass some time on a coach trip. Play with a friend and you are guaranteed to be at your destination in no time!

Ear Plugs

Another top tip to pass time on a coach ride is sleep. Sleeping is so helpful to pass some time so be sure to pack some ear plugs. You won’t want to try and nap with someone chattering in the background or singing along to the radio’s top music hits.


If you are sick of listening to the same song being played over and over on the radio, then whip out your iPod or connect your headphones to your phone. Be sure to download a various sounding Spotify playlist, this may even help you sleep.

Water and Snacks

You need to stay hydrated while travelling so make sure you pack at least one bottle of water to drink along the way. Additionally, there may not be many service stops, so pack some snacks. Try not to pack anything too salty as it will make you feel tired. We recommend dark chocolate, fruit or granola.

For any more tips and coach hire information get in contact with a member of our team today.

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