Top tips on how to pass the time on a long coach journey


We have all found ourselves enduring a long slow-burning coach trip from hell with absolutely nothing left to do for entertainment. This mostly happens once the buzz of the trip has worn off and you have loads of time left to kill. So, here are some suggestions we’ve put together to do just that.


This may sound like an obvious one but try your best to get some sleep whilst travelling. It will definitely make time go quicker, and you are guaranteed to feel fresh and bright when you eventually arrive at your destination.

Drink Alcohol

Some coaches may not allow this, but for the ones that do make the most of it. Enjoy yourself. After all, this is your trip, you may as well make the most of not being in the driver’s seat and enjoy yourself. Although, remember to bring enough for your long journey home too.

Organise a coach quiz

If you are feeling sombre, we guarantee that majority of your fellow passengers are as well. So, why not take one for the team and organise a coach quiz? This could prove as hours of fun and entertainment. You could even put together some questions with regards to the location you are going, for example, ‘Who is the Mayor of London?’.

Eat colossal amounts of Haribo

They are sweet and tasty, what more reasons do you need to enjoy yourself and eat the whole pack to yourself?

Start a sing-along

By starting a coach sing-song you are not only hilariously entertaining for your other fellow passengers, but you are taking your mind off your own boredom and letting off steam.

If you have a coach trip coming up for any occasion contact us today at and a member of our team will assist you with all of your questions and queries.

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