Top tips for making a coach journey fun for kids

A long journey can feel like forever to children. No one likes to be bored and it can sometimes feel uncomfortable for anyone to sit for hours with very little to do. So, to make adults travel experience a little less hectic, below we’ve put together a list on how to keep your children occupied for the course of one of our Coach Broker journeys.

  • I-spy

This is a classic, yet self-explanatory game which has enabled parents to keep their children occupied on many a journey. You can play this game with them, or let them play it with their siblings/friends. Plus, it’s good for educational purposes as it engages their visual senses and their astuteness.

  • Colouring or drawing

As long as they aren’t using wax crayons or felt tips, you can let kids doodle away throughout the journey. By purchasing a colouring book, it will reduce the mess and give them a satisfactory feeling of completion when colouring a picture. This can occupy a child for hours, so a very important essential to remember to pack.

  • 20 Questions

Twenty Questions is also another old game, but definitely a good one. You simply give your child a number of questions to guess which celebrity/cartoon you are thinking of. This also works with multiple players, which can add excitement. If you want to make the game a little more difficult, introduce the rule of only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

  • Film

To distract your child for a couple of hours, prepare some films for them to watch throughout the journey. You can do this by downloading them onto a computer the evening before you set off on your coach trip. Plug in some headphones and happy days!

  • Entertainment

Failing the films, you can go old school and bring one of their favourite books to read, or a simple crossword to occupy their mind. Time will fly this way.

Whichever way you plan on occupying your children on a coach trip, we suggest that you prepare. Pack a separate bag of things that they may be interested in doing throughout your journey. With more choice, comes more hours of happy children.

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