Top reasons to hire a party bus

While limos are cool and all, the real way for big groups of people to get around in style is via a party bus. They’re like limos that go to the gym, complete with dance floors, laser lights, awesome sound systems, flat screen TV’s and side facing seats. Sure people could drive themselves or opt for a taxi service, but party buses mean everyone’s travelling together, no one has to worry about parking, and everyone can enjoy a beverage or two whilst listening to their favourite tunes in style.

So, next time you need to get a group of people from point A to point B, why not consider a party bus? Coach Broker has a great list of companies and drivers to choose from who cater for all occasions.

Prom Night

Teenagers are bound to be crowding tons of their friends into our mini bus vehicles, and you are guaranteed to relax knowing that your babies are in a fully licenced and insured vehicle with a professional and patient chauffeur.

Club Hopping

Of course you and your friends could spend time trying to get hold of a taxi service, but if you really want to enjoy a night of bar/club hopping, the easiest and most fun way of doing it is via party bus hire. All you need to do is give one of our chauffeurs a list of locations and he/she is guaranteed to get you there in a timely and luxurious manner. You may have to wait for a few stragglers, but considering the bus is like a club anyway, it won’t feel like waiting at all.

Wedding Day

Depending on how big your wedding is going to be, party buses can be the perfect way to transport your guests to the venue. And best of all? Because the bus will leave at a certain time, it means no one will be late to the ceremony.

Hire a coach or mini bus from us at Coach Broker for a guaranteed party atmosphere. Get in contact today for a no obligation quote.

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