Top 5 ways to keep cool during a coach trip

Summer is certainly the time to bust out the sunscreen and spend some time outside in the garden or on the beach. On the other hand, summer is the time of year when many of us pack our suitcases and travel somewhere to take some well-needed time out from our day-to-day routine. However, travelling in high temperatures can be uncomfortable and smothering. Luckily, we at Coach Broker have put together some ways you can keep cool during a long coach trip.

Drink plenty of ice water

This is at the very top of our list as staying hydrated in the warm weather is paramount. Fill a bottle with water the night before your coach journey, and put it in the freezer. By the time you leave for your journey the next day, you will have an ice bottle to keep you cool and fresh. The ice will melt throughout your trip, which will provide some refreshing, cooling water.

Use a hot water bottle

Yes, you heard us correctly, instead of filling a hot water bottle with boiling water like you usually would, fill it with cold water and put it in the freezer ahead of time. Like our tip above, it will freeze and you will have a nice, iced water bottle to hold onto on the coach.

Wear light coloured clothing

Stay clear of black and navy colours whilst travelling on a coach during the hot weather. These colours attract heat, so by wearing pastel colours you will avoid attracting additional heat to your skin. White is perfect, and perhaps swap your denim for a short. Or, wear a loose fitting shirt that won’t stick to your skin if you do sweat.

Avoid sugary drinks

In high temperatures we get thirstier than usual, but staying hydrated with fizzy drinks such as Coca-cola or Fanta isn’t the answer. Additionally, the high intake of sugar is bad for your health and will actually make you thirstier than you were originally. Stick to tip number one, it will keep you thoroughly hydrated and save you money at the same time.

Freeze your fruit

What better way to cool down and same some money than by munching on some frozen berries or an apple? Just chop your apple (or any fruit) into bite size cubes and place them in the freezer the night before your coach journey. You can even chop a few different fruits to make it a delicious fruit salad.

Remember these tips, and travelling on one of our Coach Broker coaches will be that much greater. Stay updated with our latest news and blogs on our website at,

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