The Wanted find obsessed fan hidden on their tour bus

Chart topping boy band, The Wanted, had to call security earlier this month to have an obsessed fan forcibly removed from their tour bus. The girl is believed to have snuck onboard the band's tour bus while it was parked up at a gig where the lads were performing over in the US.

The female fan, who was described by The Wanted singer Max George as, 'a big girl from Wigan' is obviously a very loyal fan of the group as it would appear she'd even travelled all the way from the UK to get closer to The Wanted while they toured the States trying to raise their profile and promote their music across the pond.

The Wanted star, Max, relayed the whole incident in a tabloid interview saying how he was left startled when he stumbled across the woman hidden on the tour bus. The singer initially tried to deal with the situation light heartedly, joking with the girl that she should really think seriously about wanting to stay on a bus full of lads.

However the situation quickly turned sour when the fan point-blank refused to leave the tour bus, forcing the boy band members to call upon their security team to physically pick up the girl and take her off the bus. Singer Max revealed the girl's behaviour was the most worrying he'd ever seen from a fan, but luckily the band's security team were on hand to defuse the situation quickly.

After taking the States by storm, The Wanted are scheduled to be back in the UK to entertain their British fans with a number of performances planned in the summer including several festival appearances including the Love Luton Festival on July 6th, T In The Park on July 8th and the Mouth of The Tyne Festival on July 14th. If you're planning to see The Wanted perform live this summer, call Coach Broker today for the very best rates on chauffeur driven coach and minibus hire.

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