Safety tips for school trips

When taking children out of the schooling environment it is imperative you keep health and safety at the forefront of your mind, ensuring you protect both yourself and the children.
The practice of Health and Safety in schools is overseen by their appropriate LEA (Local Education Authority) or governing body, however, it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to implement these guidelines also.
Although many see such precautions as a real bore they are nonetheless important, safeguarding the success of a trip. We have put together a little list of the types of things you should be focusing on. We hope they help!

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are godsends when planning a school trip, with the organiser possessing the ability to gauge the types of risks that the outing employs. These are usually overseen by the Headteacher and will play a role in whether or not the trip will be signed off.

Questions you should ask yourself when planning a school trip:

  • What are the risks?
  • Who do they potentially affect?
  • What safety measures can be put in place in order to reduce these risks?
  • Is the Group Leader capable of implementing and conducting these safety measures?
  • What steps will be taken in the event of an emergency?

Pupil to supervisor ratio

You should always consider the subject of control when out on a school trip, ensuring that in the event of an emergency there are enough supervisors to get the children in a safe environment. With children known for getting slightly overexcited when out of the classroom it is imperative you can manage this.


Transport should be fully compliant with current safety regulations, getting the group to and from the destination in a safe fashion.
At Coach Broker all of our coaches employ the highest standard of Health and Safety features. From seatbelts to exits, you can be sure to travel in both style and safety when choosing us as your coach supplier.

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