Planning a coach trip this summer? Here are our top tips

Here at Coach Broker we have been offering a national coach rental service for many years, having worked with thousands of customers during our decade-long involvement in the industry. Sympathising with the stresses involved in planning important events, we go to great lengths to help our much-valued customers, having devised some top tips to ease the demands of trip planning; we hope they help!

Secure numbers

While friends can voice their interest about coming along to a concert, party or sporting event, the truth is many drop out, whether it be for financial reasons or simply a busy schedule. This is why we at Coach Broker encourage trip planners to gather deposits from their groups as early as possible, securing numbers and therefore services quickly.

Start a WhatsApp/Facebook group

If you are planning a coach trip for next year or in a good few months, it can be easy for people to forget. Of late, we have found that many of our customers are utilising group-chat features on Facebook, WhatsApp and the likes, allowing every member of the group to have their say on things like costings, itinerary, route preferences and much more. By doing so, you always have a record of what has been said. This can prove to be very useful when it comes t the payment stage!

Compare, compare, compare

With the sophistated nature of the internet, coach trip planning has now become a lot simpler than ever before. Gone are the days where you have to sit with the phonebook calling various suppliers. Here at Coach Broker we make a conscious effort to help customers, being the main reason behind our new online booking tool. Allowing customers to search, compare and book coach hire, we are now the UK’s one-stop-shop for all thin coach rental.

Contact us today for more details on how we can help your trip run smoothly.

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