London transport named second most environmentally-friendly city in the world

Offering coach hire in London, we at Coach Broker are incredibly passionate about running an environmentally-friendly transport operation, having partners with various zero and low-emissions coach providers in recent years. Passionate to stay abreast the forever-changing transport landscape, we were thrilled to learn of London’s progression as a conscientious city, ranked as second for cities leading the push to decarbonise its transport sector.

According to sources, this recognition makes the capital city a likely candidate to become the world’s first zero-emissions city, with only Oslo trumping London when it comes to a “firm commitment to the zero emissions agenda”.

These findings came from London-based Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), with their report illustrating that European cities make up eight of the top ten cities ranked for their environmental considerations.

“Oslo comes out as the city closest to achieving the status of a city operating a zero-emissions transportation system, followed by London and Amsterdam,” the report notes.

“One trait these top three cities share is that they are in relatively wealthy parts of the world that are also in advanced stages of economic development. This somewhat helps their overall scores as, for example, a higher share of residents can afford to regularly upgrade their cars, which may make them more likely to drive a low emission car or EV.”

In order to arrive at their findings, the researchers focused on the following attributes:

  • Air pollution
  • Carbon emissions
  • Congestion
  • Public investment into low-emission transport

Let us know what you think, could London be doing more to knock Oslo off the top spot?

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