How do I choose the right coach?

When it comes to the finer details of booking a coach, many people feel very lost. It? not something you have to do regularly so you?e bound to feel a bit daunted. Here are some tips for finding the right coach to suit your needs perfectly.

  • First of all you need to consider how many people you need to transport in your hired vehicle. Coaches and minibuses are available in a whole range of different sizes with varying seating combinations. It? important to try and get a coach with an accurate number of seats as you don? want to only fill your coach half full as this will end up costing you more. On the flip side it would be a nightmare to go a few passengers over and not have enough room so it? best to gauge a number slightly over your proposed passenger group so you have a buffer should your total increase.
  • It? important to consider the style of vehicle you require prior to booking. The features of each different coach or minibus can vary massively so it? vital you establish which facilities you deem essential and which you can do without. Often if our customers are embarking on a particularly long journey they like to opt for the more expensive fully executive vehicle as this coach offers a high standard of comfort. When the cost of a luxury vehicle is spread between the whole party it could be the difference of just a few pounds extra each when compared to the price of a standard coach. You? be well advised to pay that little extra so as to ensure your trip is a relaxing and comfortable experience.
  • What are your passengers?requirements? Are you transporting mostly children as part of a school outing? Maybe you have a large proportion of elderly passengers? If so you may need to consider a vehicle with facilities which will enable them to have an enjoyable trip. Having a vehicle with air conditioning, a kitchenette and an onboard toilet will be asset so comfort breaks can be kept to a minimum. If you have wheel chair users travelling with you then you will need to book a coach with disabled access.
  • Safety features. This is especially important if you are transporting children. Ask questions about what safety facilities are onboard; 3 point seat belts, fire extinguishers and first aid kits are all essential pieces of equipment and should be available on your hired vehicle.

Please visit this page for more coach hire and travel advice.

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