Coach and Minibus Safety

The good news is, statistically travelling by coach is the safest means of travel as drivers must undergo rigorous tests before they are allowed to transport paying customers. As well as only employing highly trained and experienced drivers, here at Coach Broker we also have a number of other practices in place to ensure the highest level of safety for our coach and minibus hire passengers.

We continually invest in new coaches fully equipped with the latest safety features so as to offer our passengers modern facilities to ensure their trip is a safe and enjoyable one. All of our coaches and minibuses are inspected once a year, in line with current legislation. Mechanical tests are also carried out on all vehicles every 6 weeks so any potential problems can be detected early and resolved without causing any disruption to our passengers.

As well as regular checks to maintain our vehicles to the highest standards, we are also in the process of rolling out speed limiters across all coaches and minibuses within our fleet. This is an extra safety feature which limits the speed of the vehicle to 60 mph providing added peace of mind for our passengers.

Seat belts are an obvious safety feature and one which we endeavour to have installed across all vehicles within our fleet. We aim to have 3 point seat belts, which offer a high level of safety, fitted in all Coach Broker vehicles to safeguard our passengers in the unlikely event of an accident.

All of our drivers undergo courses in good safety practice and run checks on their vehicle before setting off on a trip. We also equip all drivers with a hands free mobile phone in case of emergencies, and a full First Aid kit and fire extinguisher is installed on all coaches and minibuses. If you have any concerns with regard to coach safety, your driver will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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