Parking problems affecting Coach Company in Denbighshire

GHA Coaches meet with locals to resolve problem of double-parking in a Denbighshire village

A Coach Company from Denbighshire is warning that the bad parking of motorists in the village of Llandegla is affecting their ability to provide their service. GHA Coaches is experiencing access problems through the village as a result of vehicles being double-parked throughout the area and effectively blocking the road.

The Coach Company has appealed to the public to park more responsibly, and North Wales Police have also given the coach firm its full support and are also urging local motorists to be more considerate in the parking practices.

A public meeting was held recently where the matter was discussed. The coach company met with local residents, councillors and the police to try and resolve the issue. The main problem arises from motorists parking on the side of the street which prevents the large single-decker coaches from turning around.

There is a lack of parking areas in the village so motorists often park on the street when they are visiting shops, or embarking on a walk out in the area. However when the street becomes blocked with cars, the drivers of the coaches are forced to reverse the vehicle out, which is not only difficult, but potentially dangerous. The driver will then warn the service behind him/her that the road is blocked, and the next coach simply won’t stop at the village.

It is hoped that by raising awareness of the issue, more motorists will think twice before double parking in the village of Llandegla.

Oxford Transport Company ends public bus service after 80 years

Worth’s Coaches based in Enstone, Oxfordshire, have brought the curtain down on two of their regular bus services after 80 years.

The number 69 and the 81 bus services from Chipping Norton to Witney and Banbury have been cancelled after dwindling passenger numbers. The services were further hit when the council stopped subsiding the route.

Competition from a rival service, which receives a subsidiary from the council, was another contributory factor in the demise of Worth’s Coaches route. The service was no longer deemed economically viable, and so the decision was made to pull the plug on the number 69 and the 71 buses.

Despite the declining passenger numbers, the bus routes had a strong following of loyal customers with 5,000 passengers a month travelling on the service.

The current director at Worth’s Coaches, Paul Worth, described it as a “sad day” when the company ran its last number 69 and 71 services. Recalling the days when his grandfather started operating the bus services during the 1930’s, Mr Worth said that the route was so popular, that even double-decker buses couldn’t cope with the demand.

The company still has 12 coaches and says they will now be concentrating on private hire business.

Oxford competition winner bags free coach tickets to London

Free coach tickets to London to celebrate launch of new low-emissions Brookes Buses

A mother-of-two from Cowley in Oxfordshire is celebrating after winning a set of coach tickets to London. Claire Hilsdon entered the competition in the Oxford Mail which was set up by the Oxford Bus Company and Oxford Brookes University to celebrate the launch of a fleet of new low emission buses.

Ms Hilsdon plans to treat her two children to a day out in London as she says, “my children love travelling on the coach to London.” The family are now planning a trip to London in the “near future” with their complimentary coach tickets.

As part of the competition Ms Hilsdon correctly guessed how much lower the emissions of the fleet of new buses are in comparison to the old fleet. The new Brookes buses operate on routes around the city to connect Oxford Brookes University campuses in order to aid the travel of students.

The new fleet of ultra-low emission buses came into force in September 2009 and are run by the Oxford Bus Company. The luxurious double-decker coaches feature leather seating, onboard Wi-Fi, air conditioning and real time information screens to ensure passengers are kept up to date on any changes or developments to their route. Although the service is run in conjunction with the University, the buses are available to all passengers in Oxford.

One injured after London bus crashes in Piccadilly

The police and TFL are trying to establish the circumstances of the bus crash in Piccadilly

One woman was left with injuries to her arm and leg after a double-decker London bus careered off the road, colliding with railings in Piccadilly earlier this week.

It’s believed the woman, who is in her 50’s, was emerging from the Piccadilly tube exit when the bus struck the railings outside, and the woman was hit by falling masonry from the collision.

An ambulance was sent to treat the woman at the scene of the accident, she has since been admitted to a South London hospital where she is receiving further treatment. Two fire engines also attended the scene.

The police are still trying to establish the cause of the accident. Transport for London (TFL) are also carrying out there own investigation into why the driver didn’t stop at the scene of the crash, but continued a few hundred yards down the road to the Haymarket area before brining the bus to a halt.

The number 9 double-decker bus was seen to hit the railings outside exit 2 at Piccadilly tube station. One eyewitness said the force of the crash meant the railings then fell down into the station. A lamppost at a nearby bus stop was also struck by the bus.

Aside from the woman, no other casualties have been reported as a result of the accident.

The police and TFL are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the crash.

Oldest ever coach driver passes away

Oldest ever coach driver passes away

Ken Perry was named in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest ever coach driver in 2001 as at 82-years of age, he was still regularly driving coaches as part of his private coach hire business, K Perry and Sons.

The businessman sadly passed away at the end of last month at the age of 92, although he still holds the record for being the oldest ever coach driver in the country.

Mr Perry’s legacy will be kept alive as his son, Bernard, and grandson Richard, will continue to run the coach hire company which he worked so hard to build.

Despite retiring shortly after achieving the Guinness Book of Records title for oldest ever bus driver, Mr Perry was still a very important part of the business. Living in a house next door to the coach depot yard, the businessman had a window especially installed in the side of his home so he could keep an eye on what was going on at the coach company.

Born in the Rhondda, Mr Perry moved with his family to Blackwood as a youngster before going to work at a local colliery at the age of 14. In 1940, what would later become the thriving coach hire business that is K Perry and Sons, Mr Perry and his wife launched a small scale taxi service, firstly delivering milk to local schools. As the business started to take off, Mr Perry invested in more vehicles, and purchased land and garages creating a formal base for the company.

K Perry and Sons now operates regular coach hire services for local schools in the Blackwood area, as well as providing coach hire for private customers. The company boasts 10 coaches, with 12 employees.

The funeral for the highly regarded coach hire boss was held at the end of February. The news was first reported by The South Wales Argus.

Norwich bus companies join forces to create new day ticket

New all day bus pass to be used on majority of Norwich bus services

New all day bus pass to be used on majority of Norwich bus services

A number of Norwich bus companies who operate in the city have joined forces to offer customers a day ticket which can be used across all bus firms. The new scheme will come into force early next year and offers passengers a far more convenient service; prior to the new day pass, passengers could only use their day ticket on coaches of the original company where they’d bought the ticket.

Bosses of the bus companies gathered together to come up with an action plan. One of the company directors said the scheme has been a “long time coming” and is glad that customers will now have a more effective service. The new passes will be accepted on the vast majority of bus company vehicles operating in Norwich including Anglian First, Konectbus, Norfolk Green, Norse, Sanders Coaches and Simonds.

The news has been welcomed by members of Norwich Passenger Action Group who say that the new scheme would be particularly beneficial to commuters and tourists. Ticket prices for a day bus pass will stand at £5.50 for adults, £3.50 for children and a family pass can be purchased for £15.

The passengers are also being encouraged to get involved in the new venture. The Evening News has teamed up with the bus companies and is offering a £500 prize to the person who comes up with the name for the new day bus pass.

No charge to be brought after boy is struck by a brick thrown through a coach window

No charge to be brought after boy is struck by a brick thrown through a coach window

boy struck by brick thrown through coach window

boy struck by brick thrown through coach window

A mother from Shropshire has spoken out to the BBC this week about her disgust that no charges will be brought after her son suffered severe injury following an incident where a brick was hurled through a coach window where he was sitting. The 14-year-old football fan had gone on a coach trip to support his team, Telford FC, who had just won the Setanta Shield final against Forest Green Rovers when the injury was sustained.

The incident happened in April of this year and has left the 14-year-old with facial scars which he will have to live with for the rest of his life. A 19-year-old was arrested at the time but the Crown Prosecution Service announced this week that they didn’t have enough evidence to bring the case to court.

Ryan Asson is an avid football supporter and never misses a match played by his home team. He was sitting with his father next to the window when the brick was thrown. Ryan needed 15 stitches after being struck and both he and his dad had shards of glass shattered in their eyes as a result of the force at which the brick hit the coach window.

Both the football club, Forest Green and Ryan’s family have expressed extreme anger at the decision to not press charges. Mrs Asson said she was “absolutely disgusted” and the football club commented that the incident had saddened everyone involved at Forest Green Rovers.

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Newspaper apologises to Solus Coaches for wrongly naming them in a news article

Newspaper apologises to Solus Coaches for wrongly naming them in a news article

Newspaper issue apology to coach hire company

Staffordshire Newspaper, Burton Mail, have issued a public apology to Solus Coaches Ltd after they wrongly named them as the company involved in an investigation following an accident. The incident in question occurred when a school boy fell from a moving coach during a school run.

We also covered the story here at News under the headline “Coach Hire Company investigated after teenager falls from moving coach.” However we would also like to extend out apology as it has now been established that Solus Coaches were not involved in the incident at all and are in no way under investigation.

In a public apology published by the Burton Mail they say, “We are happy to set the record straight and apologise to Solus Coaches for any confusion caused.” The newspaper has also gone a step further and is making a donation to St Giles Hospice, Wittington by request of the coach company.


2 Responses to “Newspaper apologises to Solus Coaches for wrongly naming them in a news article”

  1. Paula Hussey says:

    So they should! This could ruin someone’s business within minutes. The media always jump the gun!

  2. Patrick Cain says:

    Fair enough. But why does Solus Coaches insist on parking illegally on Vauxhall, London residential streets where coach parking has been banned?

    I hope organisations will boycott this company until they are willing to park legally. Believe me, it’s horrible to open your bedroom window to a gust of diesel fumes and a noisy coach engine.

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New Routemaster London bus prototype unveiled

New Routemaster London bus prototype unveiled

A full scale prototype of the new generation of the London Routemaster bus has been unveiled this week for the very first time.

Dubbed the “Boris Bus” because of the London mayor Boris Johnson’s involvement in reviving the iconic bus, the replica complete was revealed at the London Transport Museum by the mayor himself.

It was thought the days of the open-platform London buses were gone forever after former mayor Ken Livingstone, removed the last surviving Routemasters from the city’s transport system back in 2005.

However the new and improved Routemaster is now in the pipeline with the first new double-decker bus due hit the streets of London in 2012, just in time for the London Olympics.

The prototype, which comes complete with an engine, will be trialled on London bus routes next year. TFL bosses, stakeholders, and passenger organisations will have the chance to give the prototype the once over, and give feedback on any elements which they feel need changing or improving before the design is finalised.

The new double-decker buses will emit 40% less emissions than the current London bus. Plus steps have been made to make the new design more accessible with three entry and exit points, and also two staircases onboard.

The first of the new design of Routemasters will be introduced in 2012.

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New rights for coach and bus passengers following EU ruling

New rights for coach and bus passengers following EU ruling

The rights of bus and coach passengers travelling anywhere inside the European Union are being brought in line with existing legislation on standards of travel for rail, air and boat transportation.

The guidelines, which have been approved by the EU government, are due to come into force in 2013. The new legislation will mean that coach and bus passengers embarking on a journey of more than 150 miles will be eligible for protection by the same rules which govern public transport by rail, air and boat.

The news has been welcomed by disability rights groups as the new rules will offer access to free assistance at transport terminals for disable and infirm passengers, and in some cases, free travel for carers travelling with passengers will mobility issues.

As well as ensuring care for disabled passengers embarking on coach and bus journeys inside the European Union, the new legislation will also protect all travellers against delays of over 2 hours, overbooking and cancellations, by equipping passengers with stronger compensation rights.

Aside from extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, coach and bus passengers will be entitled to a full refund, and 50% extra, if an operator is unable to honour a pre-booked ticket.

The new legislation for coach and bus travel will come into force in 2013.