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Hiring a Coach for a Wedding? Here are Some Tips

Planning a wedding is complicated, overwhelming, and riddled with more details than there are flower petals in your bouquet.

You have to give a thought to everything and anticipate the problems that you could face with Plan B and Plan C. Among the most disastrous wedding logistics is often left to the last moment revolve around minibus hire, which specifically includes:

  • Where do they need to go?
  • Who do you need to transport?
  • How are guests making it back to the hotel safely?

To keep it simple, the most imperative thing about renting a bus for a wedding is to get your relatives, the groom and all of your guests to and from without any hassle.

Not sure how to do that, here are some effective tips to rent a bus for a wedding.

1. Rent a Bus Early:

Once the wedding day is decided, and you have determined the ceremony location, reception, and how many guests are coming, it is the time to minibus hire. Booking ahead is especially essential if you have planned to exchange vows during the peak wedding season.

If you are really on the top of your game, then it is best to book your coach at least 9-10 months ahead of time. However, if you haven’t prepared the guests list yet, then at least try securing the wedding transportation needs five months prior to the big day.

2. Think Outside that Limo Box:

When you are ensuring the timely transportation and safety of dozens of people, you definitely need to think of something like a stretch limo.

A limousine might be fine for prom, but for your wedding, step away from the tradition, go for something like coach hire Glasgow and make an impression!

There are different forms of options available for wedding transportation. Pick the one to suit your personality, the number of people you are responsible for transporting, and your budget.

If you are looking for places to tighten up the wedding budget, then coach hire is the best option for your big day.

3. Who you are Obligated to Transport:

Before coach hire Bristol, it is important to take a headcount and make sure that there is enough space.

It is not completely necessary to take charge of coach hire for all wedding attendees, however, there are some people you will want to make sure arrive on time, without a hitch!

Here are several key parties to be included in your wedding transportation plans:

  • The wedding party
  • The bridge and groom
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Both sets of parents

Some couples also choose to provide shuttle services for out-of-town guests and close relatives, while others choose to transport a limited number of guests.

If that’s the case, then you will surely have to start thinking bigger than buggies.

Though it is wonderful to be able to provide transport for all your guests, you shouldn’t also feel like a responsibility.

Nonetheless, it is nice to at least do your best and make sure everyone has a safe way to get back to the home.

Hiring a reliable coach for a wedding is essential for your big day to go off without a hitch.

However, there is so much already on your plate as you plan to hire shuttle services, making a decision becomes hard.

Get in touch with us to discuss coach hire needs for your wedding!

Coach tour company forced to close its doors

OzBus coach tour company, which specialises in epic coach journeys from London to Sydney, has been forced to close its doors after the firm was unable to pay its debts.

The closure of OzBus, which first started trading in 2007, is especially unexpected as the company recently bought out troubled coach holiday provider, Harrison’s Holidays, after they went into administration in November last year. It’s been suggested by bosses at OzBus that the lengthy process of buying Norfolk based Harrison Holidays from the administrators contributed to the downfall of OzBus.

An open letter published the main OzBus website from the company’s director, Daryl Jones, revealed that the firm was forced to close as it was unable to pay its bills. While all journeys and tickets bought for travel with either Harrison’s Holidays or OzBus have been cancelled, the organisation haven’t ruled out re-launching Harrison’s Holidays coach tours as an online operation.

The two employees working at the Kings Lynn offices for Harrison Holidays have both been made redundant while it’s been reported that the two OzBus workers at the company’s Cambridgeshire office left of their own accord.

All trips with both companies have now been cancelled and the firm’s director revealed the organisation isn’t in a position to offer any compensation or refund due to the severity of the company’s financial problems.

Princess Beatrice’s car sandwiched between a bus and coach on busy London road

Princess Beatrice had what was described by one onlooker as a “lucky escape” on Monday afternoon when the BMW she was driving became sandwiched between a coach and a London bus on the busy roundabout at Hyde Park Corner.

The fifth in line to the throne was accompanied by her bodyguard who was travelling in the passenger seat. The Princess was reported to have been in tears following the collision between the bus and the coach, however both she and her passengers were able to walk away from the smash unharmed, but shaken.

The accident happened at the notoriously busy 6 lane roundabout at Hyde Park Corner in London, just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, the home of her grandmother the Queen. Eye witnesses described the princess as looking “traumatised” as a result of the accident.

Following the smash on the busy London road, Princess Beatrice exchanged insurance details with the other drivers involved in the crash, and a replacement car was sent to collect her from the scene of the accident.

The 22-year-old’s BMW 1 series became wedged between the coach and bus travelling in the same direction around the heavily congested roundabout. The luxury car has since been taken away for repair, however due to the damage caused following the collision with the two larger vehicles, it’s highly likely the car will be written off.

Portsmouth footie fans get half price coach travel to first away game of 2010

Luckett's Travel slashes coach travel rates for Portsmouth football fans first game of 2010

Luckett’s Travel slashes coach travel rates for Portsmouth football fans first game of 2010

Portsmouth footie fans will be able to get the New Year off to a flying start as Luckett’s Travel, the official transport provider for the club, have halved the price of its coach fares for the first away game of 2010.

The coach hire company is encouraging Pompey fans to get behind their team as Portsmouth embarks on its first away game of New Year at Fulham on January 9th. With a massive 50% reduction on coach seats for those wishing to travel to the match with Lucketts, adults will be looking at paying £9 for a return fare, and £6 for a child’s ticket.

Luckett’s Travel offers a first class coach service with a great fleet of luxury coaches, so Portsmouth fans will be treated to first class travel, at a bargain rate.

The sales director at Lucketts, Paul Barringer explained why they’ve introduced the special offer: “We want to arm the team with a full force of support for the game. The Portsmouth fans are known to be some of the most passionate in the Premiership and so by getting an army of fans to the game we hope to give the team the boost it needs.”

The bosses at Portsmouth Football Clubs have also welcomed the cut price coach fare plan and are looking forward to the first away clash of the New Year.

Plans to introduce a new 2-way bus route on Swindon street runs into difficulties

New bus route plans in Swindon opposed by locals

Plans to introduce a 2-way bus route through one of the oldest streets in Swindon, has been met with fierce opposition from local residents.

Transport operator Stagecoach and Swindon Council have been working jointly on the project which would see Ermin Street in Swindon turned into a 2-way street along which buses would travel. Currently the street is closed to through traffic, except for residents, and a one-way bus route is in operation.

Work to introduce the new system is due to get underway this spring, but the local residents are raising their voices to oppose the plans. They argue that the new bus route would spoil their neighbourhood, and the increase in traffic and the subsequent fumes could be damaging to the children who attend a school on the street.

Head of Highways at the council, Gwillam Lloyd, says the project intends to encourage more people to leave their cars at home, and instead use public transport. This would help alleviate congestion in Swindon and reduce CO2 emission in the area.

However angry locals spoke out at a public meeting recently, arguing that their wishes were being dismissed.

Stagecoach have revealed that a petition from their passengers who travel on the route which would be affected, showed that there is substantial support for the scheme.

Plans for Bolton’s new bus station revealed

Bolton’s new bus station will be linked to the current railway station via a footbridge

The plans for Bolton’s new multimillion pound bus station have been unveiled ahead of a consultation period which will give locals the opportunity to have their say on how the new development should take shape.

An artist’s impression of the new £48 million bus station has been revealed as part of the plans to give a detailed illustration of how the finished bus station will look. The plans are not due to be submitted to the council until early next year, and the consultation period offers locals the chance to suggest changes and new features to the station before the plans go in front of the council.

The new bus station in Bolton will link up with the current rail station in the city. A number of alterations were made to the plans during the previous consultation period including the inclusion of a footbridge to link the two transport stations.

The developers are urging local people to come forward and give their opinion on improvements which could be made to the plans. A series of exhibitions will be taking place around the town and residents are being invited to come along and have their say on the future of this important development in Bolton.

The consultation period runs until December 6th however after this date the plans can still be viewed online and it is still possible to submit suggestions.

Perthshire based Ochil Tours coach firm goes under

Ochil Tours coach company calls in the liquidators

Ochil Tours coach company calls in the liquidators

Perthshire based Ochil Tours has gone into liquidation with very little warning to staff. The company’s employees turned up, for what they thought was a normal day’s work last Tuesday, only to be confronted by a team of liquidators who were present to seize Ochil Tour’s assets. All coaches were taken from the premises last week and the company has ceased trading.

Ochil Tours held several contracts with local authorities, the main one being a contract to transport primary school children to Perth Leisure pool. Now rival coach company Stagecoach has taken over the job. The company also specialised in providing coach tours.

The staff at the Fair City firm seemed baffled by the sudden closure of the company. One said that their boss had even been considering taking on a new member of staff recently. The firm had employed 4 full time drivers, a receptionist and part-time casual staff.

The former acting transport manager at Ochil Tours, Alan Robertson said he was sorry that many of their customers who had made prior bookings would lose out, whilst others may not even realise they have ceased trading and will be expecting them to turn up for their booking. Mr Robertson said, “It is letting people down that is really getting to us. There will be a lot of local people out of pocket.” He added, “A number of people have paid for business trips or put down deposits and they will not get a penny.

The recession has been partly blamed for the closure of the company plus “changes in legislation meant that some contract work was lost.” Also cited as a contributory factor were the “large maintenance bills” which meant the firm couldn’t survive through the winter.

Pensioners in the Amman Valley put in plea to have minibus service reinstated

Senior citizens in South Wales fight to get their minibus back

Senior citizens in South Wales fight to get their minibus back

Pensioners from the Amman Valley in South Wales have put in a plea with the county council to have the minibus service which they call “vital” reinstated. The senior citizens of Glanaman and Garnant have successfully lobbied their local MP Adam Price and AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas who have got behind the group 100% to push to have the minibus facility back up and running.

Both Mr Price and Mr Thomas have joined forces to appeal to the council to bring back this essential service for the pensioners. A letter has been sent to council officials, signed by both the MP and AM, and it is now being looked into by the authorities. Mr Price explained how important the minibus service is to the elderly residents saying, “In many cases the few hours a week the bus was available was the only time people using the facility were able to spend away from their homes.”

An alternative minibus in Carmarthen has been made available to the senior citizens, however this has not been a practical option because of problems with securing a volunteer driver in the area. This has proved to be an unhelpful and impractical alternative.

Mr Thomas AM stressed the importance of the facility for the residents of the Amman Valley, saying that it is vital the council acts to prevent the elderly and vulnerable from the area feeling isolated and cut-off.

Passengers evacuated after bus catches fire en route to Dundee

Traffic had to diverted as the smoke from the bus fire proved hazardous for drivers

21 passengers were evacuated from a bus travelling to Dundee last week after the engine caught fire.

The Stagecoach bus was travelling on its route between Kirriemuir and Dundee during the morning rush hour when the blaze broke out. The bus driver noticed smoke coming out of the rear of the vehicle, where the engine is located, and took the decision to pull over off the road and evacuate the vehicle. All 21 passengers got off the bus safely and no injuries were reported.

Once all of passenger had disembarked safely, the emergency services were called. Fire fighters responded to the call and upon arrival, found the vehicle to be well alight. The fire crews succeeded in putting out the blaze, parts of the bus were cut out and dampened down to ensure the fire couldn’t reignite.

Smoke billowing from the fire caused a problem for nearby motorists as driving visibility was impaired. The police were forced to divert traffic for approximately 30 minutes until the smoke and the fire had cleared.

It is believed that the fire was started by an electrical fault in the engine. Stagecoach say they are treating the incident very seriously and a full investigation is now under way into the fire.

Passengers escape from Romford bus as it goes up in flames


The number 294 Romford  bus experienced an engine fire last Friday

The number 294 Romford bus experienced an engine fire last Friday

Passengers onboard the number 294 double-decker bus in Romford last Friday had to make a swift exit after the vehicle’s engine caught fire, spreading to the rest of the bus.

As the blaze, which started at the engine at the rear of the bus, caught hold both the upper and lower decks were engulfed in flames. Everyone onboard, including the driver and approximately 30 passengers, manage to escape from the bus without injury.

Two fire crews were alerted and the road around the bus was closed for approximately an hour as the fire fighters fought to extinguish the blaze and clear the scene of debris. This caused congestion in the area as traffic built up.

A replacement bus was dispatched to collect the stranded passengers as quickly as possible.

The Romford bus was part of the East London Bus Group (ELBG). The operator has experienced 4 bus fires, including this one, however it is reported that there is no link between all of the incidents.

Dave Flower, who is a former employee of ELBG, heard about the bus fire from a friend who was a witness, he described what happened saying: “The driver pulled up about two metres short of the stop.” He added, “Someone tried to put it out with an extinguisher but it seemed to make it worse. It went up really quickly.”

A spokesman for the ELBG confirmed that a full investigation would be carried out to determine the cause of the fire, adding that the problem could “not be tied down to one fault.”